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Yann Bang’s Rapid Dryer is high on energy savings

Source:Plastics News Asia

Date Published:8/12/2020 03:08:50 PM

Yann Bang brings improved drying technology through its Rapid Dryer, which offers better quality through efficient drying.

Without replacing the old hopper dryer, a customer can turn to Yann Bang’s Rapid Dryer for faster drying time and better quality of production output. By upgrading to Rapid Dryer, Yann Bang assures customers of production efficiency and cost-saving benefits. 

Rapid Dryer suits a wide range of applications and materials, such as PC, PMMA, PA46, PPS, Nylon and some PET/PETG.

Yann Bang

With patented technology, the model significantly shortens the drying time even for materials that take longer time to dry. For instance, nylon normally takes 4 hours to dry. With Yann Bang’s Rapid Dryer, it only takes 2 hours for nylon to dry completely. On estimate, Rapid Dryer can significantly decrease by 50% the drying time, thus substantially saving energy consumption from 30% to as much as 50%. Combined with Yann Bang’s Energy-efficient Hopper dryer, more energy savings can be achieved.

Rapid Dryer also enables increased output. As moisture content can be reduced to 0.02% (depending on the initial moisture content of resin), the drying quality of resin is improved while defective products is reduced. The dryer is easy to maintain, as it is installed with plug-in air filter and dust collector (oil collector) that can be unloaded easily to clean and replace parts.

For more information, visit Yann Bang’s showroom at.:

Yann Bang Electrical Machinery Co.,Ltd
Year established: 1974
Contact name: Debby Wang
Job title: Assistant General Manager
Phone: 886-4-22710000
Fax: 886-4-22711988

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