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China Industrial Reporter
China Industrial Reporter 2020-8
China Industrial Reporter print magazines and digital e-magazines have helped the region's manufacturing and processing industries upgrade production facilities by providing the latest industrial products, technologies and services, and complete supplier contact details since 1999. provides industrial professionals with the latest technology and market trends in the manufacturing industry. These include e-magazines, an industrial equipment website with daily updates and online exclusives, and biweekly e-newsletters as well as interactive apps on iTunes and Google Play with video links. With such current, informative and attractive content in both digital and printed formats, China Industrial Reporter offers the most effective communication package for suppliers of industrial equipment, components, material handling, and plant maintenance in Greater China.
  • IMNA-2020-08
    International Metalworking News for Asia- August 2020 issue 2020-08
    As many countries slowly come out of lockdown, there is still going to be anxiety among many for a long time about going back to life as it was. Perhaps it won’t be the same as it existed, but one thing is sure: many people will want to feel assured when they go about their daily routines that they don’t face avoidable risks of picking up the virus and being part of the second wave. To address this, many technologies are now being fast-tracked to deployment. We’re in a new world where anything goes. Many processes and the manufacturing of products are still based on the expert knowledge of individual employees. But what to do if they leave the company, are sick or on vacation? Jürgen Kohler, Business Development Manager at Visual Knowledge, presented the topic: Digitisation of work instructions and checklists. He explained that manufacturing businesses must adopt digitised work instructions and checklists in order to speed up their recovery plans post COVID-19. The primary role of work instructions and quality checklist help users to carry out their work quick
  • International Metalworking News for China
    International Metalworking News for China 2020-7
    In a strategic editorial partnership with Germany's Werkstatt und Betrieb and a team of authoritative editorial advisors in China, International Metalworking News for China has been the leading trade media for China metalworking industry for over a decade - and remains committed to informing our readers of transformative solutions and technologies. International Metalworking News for China provides an interactive multimedia platform for our readers - the decision makers who include project engineers, research managers, purchasing managers and marketing managers from the Aerospace, Aviation, Rail Transportation, Medical, Automobile, Energy, Mould Die, Military, Electronics and Shipbuilding industries. The magazine provides in-depth coverage ranging from latest Research and Development, emerging market trends, updates on metal cutting and metal forming processes, the latest in machinery and use of materials, all in an interactive multimedia format for readers on the go. The magazine's multimedia format includes an interactive digital e-magazine containing many links
  • Industrial Laser News for China
    Industrial Laser News for China 2020-7
    Industrial Laser News for China print magazine, Mobile Apps and digital e-magazine facilitate technology transfer from around the world by providing readers with the latest information on advanced laser technology and application, showing how industrial lasers can boost product manufacturing. Industrial Laser News for China offers practical solutions for improving productivity, reducing cost, and turning innovations into real competitive advantages.
  • Automotive Manufacturing and Design for China
    Automotive Manufacturing and Design for China 2020-7
    Ringier's Automotive Manufacturing & Design for China, in an editorial partnership with Germany's Automotive Electronics & Systems by Hanser, Auto Monitor in India, and a team of authoritative editorial advisors in China, has been serving China's automotive industry for more than seven years. As the leading media in China, the magazine is not only the definitive source for information on processing technologies, manufacturing solutions, material innovations, electronic systems and design concepts for both manufacturers and design houses in the automotive industry, but also provides comprehensive content through its multimedia products. These include a vertical site dedicated to the automotive industry, e-magazines, bi-weekly e-newsletters and mobile apps for both iPad/iPhone and Android devices. With such an interactive platform and high-quality content, Automotive Manufacturing & Design for China offers the most effective communication package for the machinery, materials, software and electronics suppliers to the OEMs and tier 1 and tier 2 suppliers in the auto
  • IMNA June 2020
    IMNA 2020-06
    When the virus pushed South East Asia’s manufacturing chain into pandemonium, enterprises in all sizes struggle to support production capabilities. Bringing production back is a persisting matter, but this pandemic could serve to make it a priority. International Metalworking News for Asia’s June issue features technical boosters in the form of articles poised to enter into an innovation phase that will help develop new approaches to combat the disruptions in manufacturing and business caused by coronavirus. Marketplace has taken on an unprecedented level of significance nowadays due to the coronavirus outbreak that rocked the world. The Company Profile section features, a leading Marketplace for over 19,000 buyers and CNC manufacturers, offering fast, simple and cost-effective solution to ward off the consequences of the coronavirus and other crises. Manufacturers have always used technology not only to further enhance the production process, but to also use it as a bridge to be closer to the customers. Viewpoints highlights an interview with
  • Medical Manufacturing and Design for China
    Medical Manufacturing and Design for China 2020-5
    Medical Manufacturing and Design for China is published 6 times a year in Chinese by Ringier Trade Media, Ltd. The portfolio also includes e-magazines, a medical products website with daily updates and online exclusives, and biweekly e-newsletters. With such current, informative and attractive content in both digital and printed forms, Medical Manufacturing and Design for China offers the latest industry trends and technology innovations, including medical devices, product development and design, materials, production process, electronics, pumps, connectors and regulatory updates.
  • IMNA2020-04
    International Metalworking News for Asia 2020-04
    The pandemic continues to grow. More than 175 countries and territories have reported cases of COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2). Governments have launched unprecedented public-health and economic responses. The situation evolves by the day. In this note, International Metalworking News for Asia features some of our latest technical articles, starting with three technologies that will play critical roles in helping to safeguard people and companies as they shift to remote working. While it's difficult to predict what this current situation will mean long term, it will undoubtedly force most manufacturers to seriously rethink their operations. Steve Bell, general manager for ASEAN at Renishaw Singapore, explained the company’s Industry 4.0 concept and its role within the automotive industry in Thailand. Find out more in the Metrology section of this month’s issue. As virus-related recession fears escalate in South East Asia, it is important to stress that while automation is likely to surge in general, not everyone is equally vulnerabl
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