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Product category: Molds & Dies
Model: CM
Brand: POINT
Minimum order: 6SET
Payment term: T/T
Delivery lead time: 20DAY
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1. By using the liquid frozen principle will rapidly fix the workpiece within a short time, thereby leaving no clamping residue for marks and it will not damage the shape of the workpiece. 2. To operate at less than -30 o C, usage for drilling, engraving, cutting, grinding machine that without the aid of any clamping tools during the process is already not an impossible any more. 3. At the surface of the wafer chuck, no matter how many type of changes and its irregular shape of the workpiece, it still can be stable firmly fixed without leaving any marking on it during the process, this will maintain the appearance perfectly. 4. The thermoelectric modules inside the wafer chuck are very special, which are water-resistent, stability in function and energy efficiency. Product Feature: 1. High efficiency production-30 o C, it can be frozen rapidly and defrost within few minutes, wafer chuck can hold up to 90 kg per square inch. 2. The wafer chuck surface can fix any irregularly shaped workpieces. 3. It will not leave any clamping marks on the workpiece and eliminate the problem of losing its original. 4. During its operationa at between -20 o C to -30 o C, it will prevent the precision accuracy of the workpiece change which is caused by high temperature. 5. Easy operate and installation, power range: singl phase, 220V 50/60HZ and 3 phase, 220V, 50/60HZ. 6. Freezing chuck is ideal for milling machine, drilling and grinding, engraving machine etc. 7. Suitable for Industrial, Jewelry industries and Art & Craft industries. A. Industrial:Non Metallic Metal (Copper, Lead, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Silver) Magnetic Metal, Plastic, CeramicKetc.......... B. Jewerly Industries:Gold, Diamond, Jade and Jewelry. C. Art & Craft Industries: Wood Eggshell, Stone, Porcelain and others.

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Supplier Details
Point Precise Cooling Machinery Co., Ltd. / Wexten Percise Industries Co., Ltd.
Supplier: Point Precise Cooling Machinery Co., Ltd. / Wexten Percise Industries Co., Ltd.
Contact name: David Chou
Job title: General Manager
Phone: 886-4-2418-0799
Fax: 886-4-2418-0699
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Address: No.2 Lane 495,Guozhong Rd.,

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