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Green/Ultraviolet Laser Marking System
Product category: Industrial Laser systems
Model: Violino-GREEN,Violino-UV
Brand: Violino
Minimum order: 1 unit
Payment term: L/C, T/T
Delivery lead time: spot transactions
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Violino Green/Ultraviolet laser system has been realized based on an extensive experience and success of our Violino™3 DPSS laser technology utilizing the laser beam through a non 杔inear crystal. The low value M of the Violino™ allows an extra cavity generation of U.V. with extremely high efficiency .The optic mechanical architecture of our THG (third harmonic generation ) device allows a very extensive life of the LBO non-linear crystal The Violino™U.V. can be used with scanning head for micro marking and heat sensitive marking applications. with various optical delivery systems this wavelength is commonly applied in high technology applications such as RAPID PROTOTYPING /STEREOLITOGRAPHY, VIA hole drilling in PCB, CD-ROM mask engraving. 1. Diode Pumping Solid State Laser in long lifetime over 10,000h and stable output power. 2. Optical fiber end pump with high efficiency. 3. M3(Marking Matched Mode) Optimized Laser Mode for high speed and precision marking. 4. TE/Air cooling system without water. 5. Laser pumping module separated with resonator, easy installation and maintenance. 6. Low power consumption under 1KW, 2 phase power supply and low running cost.

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Supplier Details
Laservall (China) Co., Ltd.
Supplier: Laservall (China) Co., Ltd.
Contact name: Howard
Job title: Marketing Dept Manager
Phone: 86-755-8616-9928
Fax: 86-755-8616-9708
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Address: No. 606 FangDa Building, South Keji 12 Road,High-Tech Ind Park,

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