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FIMIC Filter
Automatic melt filter
Product category: Plastics processing equipment
Model: RAS
Brand: FIMIC
Minimum order: 1
Payment term: T/T
Delivery lead time: 120~180 days
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RAS is the filter that made FIMIC known across the whole world, our flagship product, and we’re especially proud of it since it represents an important achievement for our company. As you read this, we’re approaching the total of over 300 RAS filter units delivered and installed worldwide, from South America to New Zealand. This feat is attestation of FIMIC’s twenty years expertise in screen manufacturing, and also of the quality of Italian craftsmanship, further boosting the importance of Made in Italy on the international scene.

What is RAS’s secret?

The ability to manage arbitrary melt contamination levels, all the while guaranteeing low amounts of waste and low maintenance costs. This is due to RAS’s high customizability, that allows it to fit to your needs concerning input material, hourly yield, level of filtration and kind of contamination.

How does it work?

Any contamination the filter collects is scraped from its surface by two blades, and then gathered by the blade-holder. Finally, anything harvested is automatically ejected through the front valve.

Another important feature is the possibility to determine a pressure set-point (in pressure mode) with nothing more than a few taps on the touch screen, so that once such level is reached the blade holder (running at adjustable speed) will proceed to gather the contamination, opening the front valve only on a full cycle. In the event of a particularly contaminated input material, the filter cant be set to work in continuous mode: the blade holder will keep on scraping, while relying on temporized valve openings to discharge as needed.


The high number of filters we installed gives us the know-how to fit our RAS units to the widest range of necessities and possible applications: be it blow or injection, it will handle any type of moulding. It is furthermore possible to adapt it to single-screw and double-screw extruders alike, thus covering each and any filtration necessity.


RAS is doubtlessly the sturdiest filter on the market! Its non-auger valve allows it to process any kind of contamination, including the most aggressive ones like iron and sand with no damage to the screen and screen changer.


Being able to equip both laser and punched filters, RAS can provide any level of filtration. A punched filter has a working life of 3-7 days, while a laser one can reach a 12 days one, with the added possibility of being cleansed in a pyrolytic oven up to four times for increased lifetime, further reducing costs.


The size of RAS’s filtering surface is on a league of its own! Adaptable to various use cases, this key characteristic allows RAS not to degrade the processed material, which is able to flow unhindered. This is how RAS will increase your hourly yield!

RAS series automatic filter

Filter Dimension

325mm -- 779 cm2

400mm -- 1206 cm2

500mm -- 1912 cm2

600mm -- 2776 cm2

700mm -- 3796 cm2

Laser screen

From 80~300 micron

(180~50 mesh)

Punched screen

From 400~2000 micron

( 40~10 mesh)



Continuous support -- 24/7 , All year long

FIMIC never lets you down! Our customer service is available 7 days a week, and you're able to contact us by telephone, email and WhatsApp for an immediate reply. remote (online) assistance is 100% available and in any case a team composed by several specialized technicians is also available to be dispatched, should the need arise, to solve any issue in the shortest possible time!

Spare parts and repairs -- Fast and accurate

Thanks the FIMIC Spare Parts Portals, any spare part you need is just a click (and a quick worldwide shipment) away. Placing an online order is extremely easy: you enter the portal and choose whichever part you need. Our automated warehouse guarantees a 24 hours shipment within Italy and EU (2~3 dyas in non-EU Countries). Please contact us for further information.

Tailored to your needs -- Custom-made products

Here at FIMIC, delivering good products is not enough. We strive for perfection, and thus we design each machine with customization in mind. Through our tailored-to-needs product service, our customers can fully customize their experience, from the type and position of touch screen and electrical panel to the fine tuning of flanges and extrusion height in relation to each extruder type.

FIMIC specializes in the design and manufacture of automatic and self-cleaning screen changers for plastic recycling. Our filters are one of a kind, available in different models and sizes, fitting all needs concerning material to process, hourly production target, degree and type of contamination to be removed and filtration requirements. We are firm supporters of Italian craftsmanship, and therefore all of our technologies are entirely made in Italy, from the design phase down to every single component. Such production philosophy grants a superior quality level and thus an excellent end product, as shown by tests conducted in our internal laboratory, and at our Customers. Team FIMIC never stops: our defined characteristic is the continuous pursuit of research and development, which allows us to deliver cutting edge solutions and solid savings to our customers. We constantly aim to optimize times and processes to provide those who choose our technology an ever more efficient line of work and productivity: this is what FIMIC melt filters are.

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Supplier Details
Supplier: FIMIC SRL
Year established: 1964
Contact name: Erica Canaia
Job title: Sales Director
Phone: +39 049 595 71 63
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Address: Via Ospitale, 54 – 35010 Carmignano di Brenta (PD) ITALY

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