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Silicone emulsion
Silicone Elastomer Suspension and Silicone Emulsion
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Silicone elastomer gel, is a kind of special polysiloxane, composed of high molecular weight siliconecrosspolymer and cyclomethicone. As a clear to slightly translucent gel, it could be dispersed in oil phase excellently and can be formulated into w/o emulsions, water-in-silicone oil, and o/w emulsions and anhydrous products to provide dry smoothness and a light silky skin, non-greasy feel for skin care, hair care, color cosmetics.

Silicone Emulsion, is a kind of special emulsion product with a inner phase composed of organic siloxanes. It can be divided into various products due to diverse functional groups.

If the inner phase is silicone elastomer, the emulsion is Non-ionic O/W Suspension, which can be easily used in water-based formulation, due to its water dispersability at room temperature, providing long-lasting dry smoothness, light silky and non-greasy skin feel.

If the inner phase are silicones or functional silicones like amino silicone, the emulsion is a kind of excellent hair conditioner, improving the combing convenience and making the hair soft smooth. Besides, it can also be compatiable with various surfactants.

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Supplier Details
Guangdong BioMax Si & F New Materials Co., Ltd
Supplier: Guangdong BioMax Si & F New Materials Co., Ltd
Contact name: Caicai Yang
Job title: Marketing Dept.
Phone: 86-20-2881-6060
Fax: 86-20-2881-6089
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Address: Tower B, 15/F Center Plaza,161 Linhexi Rd, Tianhe District,

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