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Silicone fluids
Silicone Resin and Functional Silicone Oil
Product category: Other Functional Ingredients
Model: SF-1000/SF-1000A/SF-1003/SF-1003B
Brand: SiFast®
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BioMax Silicone Fluids mainly include silicone resin blends and functional silicone


Silicone Resin Blends, are a mixture with film-forming ability, composed of silicone resin or functional silicone resin with low molecule weight silicones as carriers.

They have transparent appearance, with moderate viscosity, can be dissolved in oil phase, and form a hard and hydrophobic film on the skin, helping pigments or actives sustain longer.

Due to various carriers, the film-forming speed can be adjusted, different structure of the film-forming agents can bring various hardness, which result in diverse use in skin care, hair care, color cosmetics.

Functional silicone oil mainly include glossy phenyl silicone oil, water soluble polyether silicone oil, and compounds of functional silicone oil and basic silicone oil like PDMS and Cyclomethicones.

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Supplier Details
Guangdong BioMax Si & F New Materials Co., Ltd
Supplier: Guangdong BioMax Si & F New Materials Co., Ltd
Contact name: Caicai Yang
Job title: Marketing Dept.
Phone: 86-20-2881-6060
Fax: 86-20-2881-6089
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Address: Tower B, 15/F Center Plaza,161 Linhexi Rd, Tianhe District,

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