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Product category: Ingredients as components
Brand: Ettisu
Minimum order: 1MT
Payment term: L/C or T/T
Delivery lead time: Promptly
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1.State: white or near-to-white, solid powder, solute to water, solubility degree 70%. The PH value of 10% water solution is: 2.5---5.0. Polydextrose is a kind of excellent soluble meal fibre, and the rate of the meal fibre contained in it is more than 90%.Polydextrose is a kind of foodstuff with the function of health care. It can supplement soluble meal fibre that people's body needs. After entrance into people's digestive system, it has especial physical metabolizing function, so that it can prevent constipation and the aggradations of fat. It can also reduce the absorbing or carcinogen and poisonous materials; adjust the level of cholesterol; limit the activity of β-dextrose and glycin-enzyme in intestines; eliminate the inducement to the indurations of blood vessels.Therefore, soluble meal fibre can clean off the waste in people's body and has the function of curing constipation, reducing fat and blood pressure, preventing tumours in intestines and galbladder, and nourishing our skins. Most of the fibres contained in hi-fibre food are thawless; however,Polydextrose can easily be dissolved by water and has the following health care functions that common thawless fibres do not have: 1. To adjust the metabolizing of fat 2. To improve the metabolizing of glucide 3. To cure constipation and prevent diarrhea. 4. To enhance immunity ability 5. To control the excessive taking of food

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Mengzhou Tailijie Co.,Ltd.
Supplier: Mengzhou Tailijie Co.,Ltd.
Contact name: XiaofanLiu
Job title: Sales Manager
Phone: 86-391-8165948,13462897870
Fax: 86-391-8165948
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Address: Xiangzi Road, High-tech Industrial Park,

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