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Semi-automatic Lipstick Filling Machine-L-99
0-Semi-automatic Lipstick Filling Machine-L-99
Product category: Packaging equipment
Model: L-99
Brand: YU-HAO
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Intended Use:L-99 lipstick filling machine is using for various products, even bulk is with glitter. It can work with cooling machine, air blowing machine, flaming & turn down, mould preheat to be semi auto production line.

1. Precise piston filling system
2. Shaft valve device
3. Pump is with stirrer inside to help bulk more even, especially for pearl and glitter bulk
4. Nozzle heating plate design (Patent)

Capacity:72-120 pcs/ minute (filling 12pcs each time) (It depends on number of moulds)

Mould:Aluminum mould

Target Product:General lipstick, Jumbo pencil, Slim pencil, Slim lipstick, Lip balm, Lip gloss

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Supplier Details
Hao Ying Machine Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Supplier: Hao Ying Machine Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Contact name: Su Chin Chun
Job title: President
Phone: 886-6-795-0043
Fax: 886-6-795-6329
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Address: No. 27-29 Sikang Vill,Sikang Hsiang,

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