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SmartScope Vantage 650
Product category: Materials Handling and Testing
Model: Vantage 650
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SmartScope® Vantage™ 650 is the largest high accuracy system from OGP®. Its massive granite base and thermally stable Meehonite® bridge support high performance linear motor drives. SmartScope Vantage 650 provides high throughput and high accuracy simultaneously. SmartScope Vantage 650 provides high accuracy movement of large parts. High-speed linear motors in the X and Y axes move at a rapid 300 mm/sec. XY acceleration of 0.25 g and 200 mm/sec Z-axis speed contribute to high throughput. The SmartScope Vantage 650 supports touch probes, laser, and micro-probes for flexible measurement. Optional scanning probe and single and compound rotary indexers bring an extensive range of capabilities to the SmartScope Vantage 650. This measurement system takes multisensor metrology to the next level with the addition of an optional motorized heavy-duty dual rotary indexer for five-axis measurement capability. Combined with Vantage's multisensor support, high-speed stages, and the ability to switch between sensors at any point in a measurement routine, the dual rotary option allows SmartScope Vantage 650 to automatically measure complex forms like turbine blades, vanes, and airfoils. With Z-Axis travel of 400 mm, the SmartScope Vantage 650 is the perfect system for very large format applications.

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Supplier Details
Optical Gaging (S) Pte Ltd
Supplier: Optical Gaging (S) Pte Ltd
Year established: 1945
Contact name: Kelly Ho
Job title: Sales
Phone: 65-67418880
Fax: 65-67418998
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Address: 21 Tannery road, Singapore

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