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FIMIC has 26 years experience on the design and manufacturing of the melt filter for plastic recycling. FIMIC’s design of the melt filter is an innovation, entirely different from the melt filter in the market.

The design of FIMIC melt filter is basing on below ideas: Easy operation and maintenance, for different types of material and contamination, low operational cost, low melt loss, less worker needed, affordable spare part and flexible to work with different recycling extruders.

FIMIC melt filter uses only one screen, punched screen or laser screen. Also, the filtration surface is very large comparing to other filters on the market. The common issue for the melt filter on the market is too sensitive, the aggressive contamination could damage the parts on the melt filter and increases spare parts cost to the recyclers. FIMIC melt filter avoids this sensitivity on the mechanical parts, but to keep the high performance of filtration ability.

With very fine filtration by our laser screen, low pressure and temperature during operation, the pellets produced from the machine which is installed with FIMIC filter has much better quality.

Currently FIMIC has successfully installed more than 300 sets of filter at the leading recyclers in different countries, the numbers of installation is increasing. FIMIC wishes to offer more recyclers its filter to increase more value for the recyclers!

Tailored to your needs
custom-made products
Here at FIMIC, delivering good products is not enough. We strive for perfection, and thus we design each machine with customization in mind. Through our tailored-to-needs product service, our customers can fully customize their experience, from the type and position of touch screen and electrical panel to the fine tuning of flanges and extrusion height in relation to each extruder type.
Continuous support
24 / 7, all year long
FIMIC never lets you down! Our customer service is available 7 days a week, and you’re able to contact us by telephone, email and WhatsApp for an immediate reply. Remote (online) assistance is 100% available and in any case a team composed by several specialized technicians is also available to be dispatched, should the need arise, to solve any issue in the shortest possible time.
Spare parts and repairs
fast and accurate
Thanks the FIMIC Spare Parts Portals, any spare part you need is just a click (and a quick worldwide shipment) away. Placing an online order is extremely easy: you enter the portal and choose whichever part you need. Our automated warehouse guarantees a 24 hours shipment within Italy and EU (2-3 days in non-EU Countries). Please contact us for further information!

Low maintenance costs

Guaranteed high quality
An example? Our Laser screens can be normally cleansed and reused up to four times, and the price of each blade tops at 15 euros each.
Adjustable waste
This characteristic makes our specially designed valve an essential, adaptable and flexible element according to any filtration need, also allowing to minimize waste.

There are many advantages in choosing one of FIMIC’s products: we want these not to be just words, but actual, tangible results. And that is why we invite you in our testing laboratories to come and try our filters with your materials!

FIMIC melt filters are widely regarded as the least expensive to operate on the market: spare parts are inexpensive, with average operational costs of about 10.000 to 15.000 Euro / year. Such reduction of maintenance costs is made possible by the high construction specs of the machine: the technology level employed makes FIMIC products safe in use and durable in time. The starting investment in the machinery is easily repaid by the low yearly expenses in spare parts and consumables.

FIMIC guarantees high results and a supreme quality for end products, our main target. Saving on maintenance costs, in fact, doesn’t influence the quality of spare parts, always guaranteed to be on extremely high standards.


The amount of waste produced by our melt filters can be adjusted through a special FIMIC valve, automatically opened when necessary, according to the level of melt contamination. Thus, the waste flow is proportional to the amount of contamination: in the event of a particularly clean melt, the valve will stay shut, and discharge just the little amount of waste filtered.

WASTE = % of contamination to expel + 1% of plastic (MAX)

The value of FIMIC melt filters, alongside the cost reduction they provide and all of the above characteristics like the adjustable waste flow, can really make a difference in overall management costs.

FIMIC is the filtration specialist.

We have just the right filter to fit every need, with maximum flexibility and customizability.

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Supplier Details
Supplier: FIMIC SRL
Year established: 1964
Contact name: Erica Canaia
Job title: Sales Director
Website:  https://www.fimic.it/en/
Email: sales@fimic.it
Phone: +39 049 595 71 63
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Address: Via Ospitale, 54 – 35010 Carmignano di Brenta (PD) ITALY

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FIMIC completes 15th remote installation

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As travel restrictions persist due to the pandemic, FIMIC has completed 15 remote installations at its customers' facilities.
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Automatic filter for agricultural film recycling

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FIMIC continuous filtration system helps improve the recycling process for agricultural films    
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POLYSTAR extruder plus FIMIC filter is a simple solution for efficient post-consumer recycling
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